NAMISINDWA: 3 Officials Arrested For Extorting Money from PDM Beneficiaries

Saturday, October 14, 2023
Busiinge Aggrey
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Namisindwa District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Three individuals from Bukhabusi sub-County in Namisindwa district have been apprehended on charges of extorting money from beneficiaries of the Parish Development Model program.

The arrested individuals are Willy Namanda, the parish chief of Bukhabusi, Fred Kamuli, the LCII chairperson of Bukhabusi parish, Michael Wandukwa, the Bukhabusi Chairperson of the PDM SACCO, and Robert Kuloba, the Secretary of the Bukhabusi Chairperson PDM SACCO.

The arrests were ordered by Imram Mulunga, the Namisindwa Resident District Commissioner, during a consultative meeting with parish chiefs and sub-county CDOs at Namisindwa district head offices on Thursday, October 12, 2023. The arrests followed complaints received by Muluga’s office from beneficiaries in various sub-counties, including Bukhabusi, Namitsa, and Mukhuyu, regarding extortion.

During the meeting, Muluga gave parish chiefs in the district an ultimatum to return extorted money to beneficiaries by the following Monday or face arrest.

Bwayo Kitumbesi, the Namisindwa district vice-chairperson, believes that these arrests will serve as a deterrent against further extortion.

Andrew Wabweni, the Namisindwa PDM focal person, stated that the district has allocated 17.5 billion shillings to be distributed to PDM beneficiaries at the parish level. It is disheartening to see parish chiefs demanding amounts ranging from 20,000/= to 100,000/= from these beneficiaries. He emphasized that the district is committed to taking action against any staff members found engaging in such illegal activities.

Leonard Kitafuja, the Namisindwa district Chief Administrative Officer, confirmed that any parish chief found guilty of extorting money will be dismissed from their position.

As of the latest information available, the three individuals were providing statements at Namisindwa Central Police Station.

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