ADF Raids Uganda Border Village, Displacing Over 130

Friday, June 16, 2023

A group of militants, identified as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), launched another attack on Rwenzori Sub-region Uganda border, causing over 130 residents to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring communities. On Sunday night, ADF rebels attacked Domena Village in Kasindi, which is a few kilometres from Uganda’s border town of Mpondwe, killing several people.

The displaced villagers fled in different directions to avoid the raiders and spent the night in the bush with no shelter, food or water. The lucky ones made it to Kabuyiri Catholic Church, but many got lost along the way, stretching the search operations for missing persons.

The Ugandan government, in response to the tragedy, deployed a battalion of troops to comb the area and pursue the attackers. However, the whereabouts of the ADF militants remain unknown, and the government is yet to apprehend any of the culprits.

The rebels are said to have resumed attacks in areas which had been pacified by UPDF and DRC forces under a  joint military operation code-named Operation Shujaa.

Lt Maate Magwara, the Kasese deputy Resident District Commissioner, said the UPDF is patrolling the border in case of any eventuality. However, he called for calm, saying the situation is under control.

The ADF, a militant group active in eastern Congo and Uganda, has for years terrorized the population in the region, causing death, displacement and humanitarian crises. The group’s motives for the attack remain unclear, but reports suggest that it could be an attempt to secure resources or maintain control over territories.

“The situation is calm; that’s why these people chose to go back to their homes instead of being held in the refugee campsites. But on our side of Uganda, the UPDF is ably manning our borders,” Lt Magarwa said on Wednesday.

The attack has sent ripples throughout the international community, drawing condemnation from human rights groups and calls for urgent diplomatic solutions.

Mr Sylvester Masereka Mapoze, the LC III chairperson for Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Town Council, said some of the Congolese displaced by the attack are to be hosted by their relatives in Uganda.

In conclusion, the recent attack by the ADF in the Uganda border village highlights the persistent and alarming issue of insecurity and impunity in the region. The government should take more decisive actions to curb the rampant attacks of such groups and ensure the safety and wellbeing of its citizens.

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