Catholic Bishops Confront Government on Security Issues

Monday, June 5, 2023

The Bishops of Uganda are calling on the government to take decisive action against the ongoing brutal killings in the country by imposing strict measures on security operatives.

During the Uganda Martyrs celebrations, which were presided over by Rt. Rev. Charles Martin Wamika, Bishop diocese of Jinja at the Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine in Namugongo, the Chairperson of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, Rt. Rev. Antony Joseph Zziwa, expressed his deep concern about the violent deaths of Ugandans at the hands of unknown assailants who are using guns, leaving many citizens with troubling unanswered questions.

Bishop Zziwa, who is also the Ordinary of Kiyinda-Mityana diocese, urged the government and the commander in chief to take strict measures to regulate the use of guns by both security agencies and private owners in Uganda.

During his sermon, Rt. Rev. Martin Charles Wamika advised Catholics to avoid participating in polygamous relationships and instead follow the example of St. Matia Mulhumba, who divorced his three wives to marry just one.

This made him and his wife the first couple to wed in Uganda. Bishop Wamika also cautioned the younger generation against being influenced by worldly things like social media and other immoral acts. He urged them to emulate the martyrs and live a life of devotion and sacrifice. Rev. Fr. Francis Mwanji, a priest from the diocese of Kasese who attended the celebrations, encouraged men to take an active role in church activities, just as the martyrs did, to contribute to the growth of the church. Earlier, Bishop Zziwa had urged the pilgrims to view their holy journey as a symbol of their commitment to following and deepening their faith in Christ.

He also advised them to continue seeking the Lord.

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