Gen Muhoozi Forms Central Executive Committee, Disbands all MK Units

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has restructured the MK Movement by disbanding all MK Units in various regions and bringing them under a single umbrella, with himself as the principal commander.

Additionally, Gen Muhoozi has formed a Central Executive Committee responsible for overseeing the executive duties of the MK Movement. A disciplinary committee has also been established to address any misconduct by supporters within the movement.

Michael Mawanda, the chairperson of the MK Movement’s top disciplinary organ, confirmed these changes, stating, “We have reached a consensus to merge all units and engage in joint mobilization for the MK Movement.”

Under the new arrangement, at least two members from the Central Committee are expected to attend all MK Movement events.

Mawanda further explained, “We will no longer launch separate structures as we are now operating as a unified entity. Our focus is on preparing for upcoming elections, so the positions we currently hold are temporary in nature.”

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