Glovo takes lead to boost courier services in Kampala

Monday, June 24, 2024
SafeBoda, KFC, MTN, Zembo patriciate in training couriers in a three-day program
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  • Glovo, the on-demand delivery app, partnered with MTN Uganda, KFC, SafeBoda, and Zembo to enhance courier services and customer experience in Uganda. From June 18-20, they held a program for 120 couriers, focusing on skill development and recognition.

KAMPALA, (Examiner) – Glovo, the multi-category app renowned for its on-demand delivery services, has teamed up with prominent brands in Uganda including MTN Uganda, KFC, Safe Boda, and Zembo to elevate its courier services and customer experience.

The collaborative effort culminated in a comprehensive three-day courier program from June 18th to 20th, aimed at nurturing the growth, skills development, and recognition of 120 couriers who play a pivotal role as the face of the company, facilitating swift deliveries of food and other essentials across towns.

The program featured a series of impactful events designed to equip couriers with new skills, enhancing Glovo’s competitive edge in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.

Highlights included essential road safety training conducted by SafeBoda; ensuring couriers are adept at navigating Kampala’s bustling streets safely. Additionally, Glovo introduced electric motorbikes through a partnership with Zembo to promote eco-friendly and cost-effective delivery solutions.

KFC provided valuable customer service training sessions, empowering couriers to deliver exceptional service standards. MTN facilitated a financial literacy workshop, imparting crucial financial management skills to enhance the couriers’ financial acumen.

“Our goal is to build a thriving ecosystem where couriers, partners, and customers benefit from our innovative and tech-driven services. The training sessions over these three days focus on safety, customer service excellence, and financial literacy,” said Ivy Maingi, General Manager of Glovo Uganda.

As part of Glovo Cares, couriers visited the Neglected Child and Orphanage Foundation to make donations and spend time with the children. This initiative highlights Glovo’s commitment to making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

“Our couriers are not just delivery personnel; they are community members who care deeply about making a difference and through Glovo Cares, we aim to foster this,” added Brendon Njoroge, Head of Operations for Glovo Uganda.

“At Safeboda, we are proud to partner with Glovo to ensure the safety of couriers on the road. We are pleased to support Glovo couriers by providing them with the knowledge to navigate Kampala’s busy streets safely,” said Ricky Rapa Thomson, Co-founder of Safeboda.

Miriam Namubiru, manager digital communications at MTN Uganda said the program aligns with MTN’s commitment of driving digital and financial inclusion.

“We are pleased to share our expertise and support the development of these dedicated individuals,” she said.

Glovo, founded in 2015 in Barcelona, operates across 25 countries in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, connecting users with businesses, couriers, and a wide array of on-demand services. The company envisions providing seamless access to everything within cities; ensuring users enjoy convenience at their fingertips.

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