Justice Amoko’s Burial Set for Nebbi Following High Court Ruling

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Justice Amoko left a significant impact on Uganda’s legal community. The distinguished judge had a reputation for being fair and just, always upholding the law and promoting equality. However, her sudden passing in July 2021 left the country in shock, and the legal community devastated.

Recently, a High Court ruling was made in favor of Justice Amoko, stating that her burial would take place on Jukiya Hill, Juba Village in Nebbi District. The High Court ended a disagreement that emerged among family members and other parties who aimed to bury the judge in a different location.

Justice Amoko who died on June 17 at Nakasero Hospital was expected to be buried last Friday, June 23 before her children and siblings petitioned the court seeking to halt the burial arrangements, challenging her husband’s decision to bury her in Adjumani, his home district.

The ruling was significant because it recognized Justice Amoko’s contributions, honoring her legacy and upholding her wishes. The decision also marked a monumental event for women in the legal arena, celebrating the life and work of a remarkable female judge who pushed boundaries and achieved great success.

The applicants including; Ms Annet Yossa, Mr Emmanuel Komakech and Ms Jackie Amoni – children of the deceased – and her brother Godfrey Richo and sister Christine Onyok contended that before her death, Arach-Amoko publicly expressed her wish to be buried in Nebbi, not Adjumani.

The funeral plans for Justice Amoko are still underway, and the community expects a large turnout for the ceremony. The people of Nebbi are excited about hosting the burial and paying their respects to the renowned jurist. Friends, colleagues, and fellow judges are expected to attend the funeral and pay tribute to Justice Amoko’s life and legacy.

Justice Amoko’s work and legacy leave a lasting impact on Uganda’s legal system, and her achievements serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come. Her life teaches us the importance of integrity, hard work, and humility, and the significance of recognizing great accomplishments, especially from women, who have broken through barriers and paved the way for future generations.

“The second respondent(Attorney General) in consultation with the applicants and the first respondent(Ambassador James Idule Amoko) is directed to immediately commence the burial arrangements of the late Hon. Justice Mary Stella Arach-Amoko who shall be buried at Jukiya Hill Ward, Juba Village Nebbi District,” Justice Kitarisiibwa ruled.

The judge also directed that Ambassador Amoko and his family members shall freely attend the funeral of the late justice of the High Court but also directed that the burial should not be delayed any further.

In conclusion, Justice Amoko’s legacy will live on through her work, family, and community. Her contribution to the legal system will remain remarkable, and her memory will continue to inspire future generations. The upcoming funeral will serve as a testament to the revered judge’s work and celebrate her life and the legacy she left behind.

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