Kakumiro schools fret over new curriculum

Sunday, February 25, 2024
Students and staff with some of the best performers in the 2023 UCE Exams, Tumwebaze Stanislaus and Owekisa Lilian, at school last week. PHOTO/BUSIINGE AGGREY
Busiinge Aggrey
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  • Schools in Kakumiro like any others countrywide are grappling with the implementation of a new curriculum, leading to uncertainty and apprehension among educators. Transitioning requires comprehensive teacher training and updated resources. Despite challenges, schools like Trinity High School are optimistic about maintaining academic standards. Student performance in 2023 has shown improvement, with notable achievements in subjects like Physics

Schools are currently grappling with a sense of apprehension and uncertainty surrounding the implementation of a new curriculum. This palpable concern stems from the need to adapt teaching methodologies and resources to align with the updated educational framework. Educators across the country are facing the daunting task of deciphering the intricacies of the revised curriculum and its implications for classroom instruction.

The transition to a new curriculum necessitates comprehensive teacher training programs and the acquisition of updated teaching materials to effectively deliver the revised syllabi. Moreover, school administrators are tasked with ensuring that the new curriculum addresses the evolving needs of students while maintaining academic rigor and relevance.

Students, Deputy Headteacher Ms. Winnie Kyaterekera, and staff pose with some of the best performers in the 2023 UCE Exams, Tumwebaze Stanislaus and Owekisa Lilian, at school last week. PHOTO/BUSIINGE AGGREY

Trinity High School secured the 103rd nationwide ranking, with a total of 65 students among those who took the assessment in 2023. The student distribution includes 66 in the first grade, 40 in the second grade, and 6 in the third grade. Trinity Catholic High School, located in Kakumiro District, has demonstrated a significant enhancement in its academic performance compared to previous years.

“We hope to excel regardless of the curriculum changes, as the foundational elements contributing to our success remain intact,” Madam Kyaterekera Winnie, the Deputy Head teacher, told Examiner in an exclusive interview last week as she shared her optimism regarding the recent curriculum change.

Winnie attributes the school’s newfound success to a combination of factors, notably the unwavering support of the school director, the dedication of the teaching staff, the involvement of parents, and the intrinsic motivation of the students themselves. “Our students were not coerced into preparatory sessions,” she emphasized, highlighting their commendable level of self-drive. Additionally, she noted, “The timely completion of syllabi, coupled with daily prayers, fostered a conducive academic environment within the school.”

Students WITH some of the best performers in 2023 UCE Exams Tumwebaze Stanislaus and Owekisa Lilian at school last week. PHOTO/BUSIINGE AGGREY

The pinnacle of achievement in 2023 saw a student achieving 9 aggregates, a significant improvement compared to the leading student’s 12 aggregates in 2022. Particularly noteworthy were the outstanding results in Physics, with 65 students sitting for UCE and achieving notably higher grades than in previous years.

Tumwebaze Stanislaus, a first-grade student at Trinity Catholic High School, achieved an impressive 20 aggregates. In response, he remarked, “I didn’t expect that; I aimed for even higher.” Stanlus expressed his intention to pursue A’ Levels, reflecting the ambitious aspirations shared by many students at the school. Another student, Owekisa Lilian, (19 aggregates) echoed similar sentiments regarding their academic pursuits.

At St. Albert S.S Kakindo, Mr. Mayani Gerald, the headteacher, commended the school’s enhanced performance in 2023 compared to previous years. With the top student achieving 19 aggregates, English stood out as a remarkable subject, indicating a significant improvement in academic standards. Gerald attributed this success to a series of seminars, workshops, and extra lessons led by experienced educators.

“For students who fall short of expectations, comprehensive career guidance is provided, ensuring that they have avenues for personal and academic growth” he said. Gerald further highlighted improvements in Biology, Kiswahili, and Agriculture while acknowledging challenges in Chemistry and Physics faced by some students. Also Commenting on the recent curriculum change, Gerald expressed optimism, stating, “The transition to a new curriculum necessitates comprehensive teacher training programs and the acquisition of updated teaching materials to effectively deliver the revised syllabi.”

Several other schools in Kakumiro also demonstrated commendable performance at the countrywide level. Notably, Adelante Africa SS secured the 87th position, St. Edwards School in Bukuumi Kakumiro, holding the 249th position, also showcased a praiseworthy academic performance, contributing to the overall educational landscape in the region. These schools join the ranks of institutions that have excelled in maintaining high standards amid the challenges posed by educational changes and ongoing curriculum transitions.

The anxiety surrounding the new curriculum is underscored by the pressing need to seamlessly integrate the updated educational framework while still reflecting on the achievements and setbacks of the outgoing one. As schools navigate the uncharted waters of the impending changes, they are simultaneously reflecting on the recently released UCE results for 2023. The performance of students in this crucial examination serves as a tangible benchmark against which the efficacy of the current educational system is measured.

Educators are tasked with the formidable responsibility of not only interpreting the nuances of the forthcoming curriculum but also addressing the immediate academic needs of students who have just completed their UCE. The need for teacher training programs, acquisition of updated teaching materials, and the restructuring of educational strategies are pressing concerns that demand urgent attention.

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