Katanga Trial: Police Doctor Disowns Evidence

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Molly Katanga
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Dr. Julius Muhwezi, a police doctor, has testified in the high-profile Katanga trial, challenging the integrity of a police form submitted as evidence. He asserted that the form had been tampered with and did not accurately reflect his findings.

“I can only own part B of the form. I didn’t sign the first half,” Dr. Muhwezi stated, alleging that his signature and stamp on the second half had been altered.

Defense counsel Elison Karuhanga suggested that Dr. Muhwezi did not examine the suspects and that the form was fabricated. Dr. Muhwezi refuted this claim, saying, “I took an oath, I examined these people. But the signature and stamp that appear on the form are not mine.”

Dr. Muhwezi’s testimony has cast doubt on the reliability of the evidence, leaving the trial’s outcome uncertain. The court will continue to hear testimony from key witnesses as the drama unfolds.

When questioned by Karuhanga about the tampering, Dr. Muhwezi confirmed, “It appears to be adulterated. The stamp and signature are not mine.”

This critical testimony has brought new uncertainty to the case, emphasizing the need for a thorough examination of all presented evidence. The trial’s next steps will be closely watched as the truth is sought in the courtroom.

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