Luwero Bishop Elect Cancelled on Allegations of Infidelity

Saturday, July 1, 2023
Can. Godfrey Kasana
Busiinge Aggrey
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The Bishops’ Council of the Church of Uganda has revoked the elected Bishop of Luweero, Can. Godfrey Kasana

Rev. Fr. Can. Godfrey Kasana, who was awaiting ordination on July 16, as the Bishop of Luweero, has also suffered from a fever and his meeting with the Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga at the Bulange in Mmengo has been cancelled.

Sources said the bishops’ meeting was heated discussing the issues of Luweero with some wanting him to remain in office but the majority opposed it saying that the accusers were damaging the image of the church. And the final decision was to cancel him.

The same Diocesan Council met on April 3, 2023 and elected Kasana as the fourth Bishop of Luweero to succeed Bishop Eridad Kironde Nsubuga.
The Christians of Luweero, led by Kenneth Kikabi, have been lodging complaints with the Archbishop since the nomination process began.

They opposed Rev. Fr. Abel Sserwanja Merewooma of Kireka whose name was nominated was deleted and the name of Rev. Fr. Abraham Muyinda. The names of two people; Muyinda and Kasana were taken to the Bishops’ Conference and Kasana was elected.

Once Kasana was announced, the same people again complained that he had children out of wedlock which is contrary to the teachings of the Church, especially about a person who should become a bishop.

The bishops, led by Archbishop Kazimba, went to Hoima to visit the oil fields where a lot of decisions were made

The meeting ended Wednesday night and in a tweet, Kazimba said that Wednesday’s proceedings concluded with a meeting that decided on various issues in which they elected a committee to act as the Provincial Tribunal.
They elected six bishops to sit on the committee: Pons Ozelle (Nebbi), George Turyasingura (East Ruwenzori), John Wilson Nandaah (Mbale), James Bukomeko (Mityana), Onesimus Asiimwe (North Kigezi) and the Provincial Reverend.

The Appeals Committee appointed two members; Amos Magezi (North West Ankole) and Prof. Alfred Olwa (Lango) and presided over by the Archbishop himself.

These committees hear cases that happen in the Church and decide, if a Christian has committed a crime that prevents him from reaching the holy table this committee decides if he is not satisfied and appeals.

Yesterday, the office of the Prime Minister told reporters that his meeting with Can. Kasana was not present because he was suffering from an illness that prevented him from going to Mmengo.

The Church set July 16, 2023 for the ordination of the new Bishop of Luweero but according to the Church’s guidelines, if they do not install the elected bishop, the Archbishop takes back power and appoints an interim bishop.

However, the appointment should not exceed two years and then a full-time Bishop is elected.

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