Mr President reward our son Gen. Kayihura with ministerial post – Kisoro residents ask Museveni

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Local Leaders and residents of Kisoro district are urging President Museveni to consider appointing Gen. Kale Kayihura, the former Inspector General of Police, to a ministerial position following his retirement.

This request comes after President Museveni granted retirement approval to 11 General and Senior Officers of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF), including Gen. Kayihura.

Gen. Kayihura, a resident of Kanabukunga village, Nyakabande sub-county in Kisoro district, is set to retire from the army on August 31, 2023, alongside 10 other generals.

The residents believe that bestowing a ministerial role upon Gen. Kayihura would be a fitting reward for his dedicated service to the country as a top Police officer.

“One of the leaders stated, “When you observe the structures and organization of the police force, it’s evident that Gen. Kale played a significant role. The training and discipline instilled in the policemen, especially those under Gen. Kayihura’s guidance, distinguish them from those recruited after his tenure.”

Meanwhile, members of Gen. Kayihura’s family acknowledge that during his term in office, he displayed unwavering commitment to national service, often prioritizing it over his family.

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