Police Warn Public About Risks of Fake DNA Test Results

Monday, July 3, 2023
Busiinge Aggrey
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The police have issued a warning to the public regarding the growing trend of individuals seeking DNA tests to confirm the parentage of children. They caution that some test results may be counterfeit and manipulated by unauthorized testing centers.

This development arises from the outcry of parents, particularly men, who have discovered that they are not the biological fathers of their children. In his weekly press briefing in Kampala, Police spokesperson SCP Fred Enanga highlighted the surge in DNA testing facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, many of which lack proper licensing to conduct such tests.

“We have observed a proliferation of DNA testing centers, with every medical facility claiming to offer these services. It is crucial for DNA testing centers to be certified and transparent in their operations and information provided to clients. Families need to exercise caution when selecting where to conduct DNA tests,” stated Enanga at the police headquarters in Naguru.

He further revealed that there is intelligence suggesting individuals are resorting to at-home DNA testing kits. However, Enanga cautioned against this approach, as home tests can be susceptible to contamination and consequently impact the accuracy of results.

The police spokesperson emphasized the distressing consequences experienced by many individuals who received negative DNA results, including heartbreak, suicides, and the disintegration of families. He stressed that the manner in which the tests are conducted can greatly influence the outcome, highlighting the risk of contamination and the importance of utilizing certified facilities that adhere to stringent testing standards to ensure accuracy.

Enanga encouraged women with evidence to dispute DNA paternity tests to report their concerns to the nearest police stations and file formal complaints.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has also observed a significant increase in demand for DNA services, with a recent surge of approximately 70% in people seeking such tests. Ministry spokesperson Simon Mundeyi disclosed that they have been inundated with requests, receiving over 50 inquiries in a single week.

While DNA testing can be expensive, many individuals grappling with doubts about their children’s paternity are willing to take the risk. However, experts have recently cautioned that fake DNA results can be attributed to malpractice by unscrupulous medical practitioners.

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