Self-Professed ADF Fighter on TikTok Pleads for Forgiveness

Erasto Kalanzi being escorted to court. PHOTO/ISMAILAH TUKAMUHABWA

Erasto Kalanzi, a young man who based his account on Tik Tok and described himself as an ADF terrorist, was brought to court in Lugazi this morning amidst heavy security.

Kalanzi was charged with two counts of hate speech contrary to section 26(A) of the computer misuse of amendment Act and Unsolicited Information C/S 26 (B) of the Computer Misuse Act

Kalanzi and the other prisoners were told that there was no judge today and the court staff ordered the police to return all the prisoners back on Monday.

Kalanzi, who was seated in a police convoy, apologized to the people who were offended by his remarks.

He asked President Museveni to forgive him for what he said about him and the parents of the children killed in Kaseese

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