UCC Unveils Solar-Powered Telecom Site

Tuesday, February 6, 2024
This particular site is solar-powered, making it environmentally friendly.
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  • The Uganda Communications Commission launched a solar-powered telecom site in Lapono, Agago district to address network access gaps, part of the UCUSAF program.

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) inaugurated a novel solar-powered telecommunication site in Lapono, Agago district, aimed at bridging network access gaps. The launch took place on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, led by UCC’s executive director, Nyombi Thembo, alongside the Minister of ICT, Honorable Chris Baryomunsi. This initiative falls under UCC’s Uganda Communications Universal Service and Access Fund (UCUSAF).

Nyombi emphasized that licensed network service providers often prioritize economically prosperous regions, leaving many rural areas underserved. The UCUSAF Access Infrastructure Program targets these neglected areas to ensure equitable access to telecommunication services.

“The tendency of licensed providers to focus on economically viable areas leaves numerous rural and hard-to-reach regions without service. That’s where UCC’s UCUSAF Access Infrastructure Program intervenes,” remarked Nyombi.

He reiterated the Ugandan government’s commitment to extending telecommunication services to all citizens regardless of their geographical location, economic status, or physical abilities.

Highlighting the program’s progress, Nyombi mentioned the rollout of 2G sites and the upgrade of some to 3G. Additionally, the launch event signaled the deployment of a new set of 63 sites by Towerco Africa.

The Uganda Communications Universal Service and Access Fund (UCUSAF), previously known as the Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF), was established in 2002 as both a regulatory instrument and a semi-autonomous ICT development entity. Its principal aim is to enhance ICT access and utilization in unserved and underserved areas, where licensed telecom companies encounter challenges due to the commercial unviability of these regions.

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