Notorious Gang Leader Linked to Aggravated Robbery Spree, Faces 13 Charges

Monday, August 7, 2023
Busiinge Aggrey
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Kampala, Uganda | The Black Examiner – The Directorate of Crime Intelligence, working in collaboration with territorial teams in the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) and Greater Masaka region, successfully apprehended Mbaziira Ronald, known by the alias Magezi, the leader of a notorious criminal gang responsible for a wave of Aggravated Robberies. The 24-year-old resident of Ngobe Bunamwaya was apprehended on July 31, 2023, from the Modern Guest House in Kabawo zone, Mutundwe Parish, Rubaga Division.

Magezi’s criminal reign, marked by ruthless aggression and brazen home invasions, has been traced to a shocking total of 13 cases of Aggravated Robbery. Among these, eight cases were reported within the confines of Kampala, while the remaining five wreaked havoc in the Greater Masaka area.

The gang, known for their utilization of pangas and iron bars, terrorized communities through audacious tactics that included a daylight robbery at the home of Muzito Julius in Busabala parish, where they made away with a staggering Ugx 90 million. In another daring incident, the residence of CP Genevas Tumuhimbise in Kyengera Town Council fell victim to their vicious scheme.

Their criminal spree was brought to a halt through the diligent efforts of law enforcement, as they intercepted the gang members, including Magezi, Ssendaula Jamil (aka Younger), and Akandwanaho Fahad (aka Paul), while they were en route to commit yet another robbery. Intercepted on Namasole road, the gang’s intention was thwarted, but Magezi managed to escape while being transferred for a medical examination at Katwe CPS.

The gang’s insidious activities were further revealed, implicating them in the robbery of an SAR gun, flat-screen TVs, and a significant sum of money from the home of Bihungilo Ruth. The boldness of their actions escalated, with even an attack on the Director of China State Construction Company, Qui Feng, who lost three mobile phones and USD 300.

The gang’s reign of terror spread its web wider, with attacks on various residences including that of South Sudanese national John Garanga, and the robbery of Ugx 7.8 million, USD 500, and multiple mobile phones from Kobusinge Diana and Nalukwago Yudaya.

As if the scope of their criminal activities wasn’t shocking enough, Magezi led his gang to shift their base of operations to Nyendo-Mukungwe division in Masaka City. There, they continued to perpetrate five more Aggravated Robberies across Masaka and Kyazanga, leaving more victims in their wake.

The authorities have managed to seize an array of damning evidence from Magezi’s criminal endeavors. Recovered exhibits include an SAR gun belonging to SEK Security Company, a pistol found discreetly stashed in a toilet in Mugongo zone, Kyengera Town Council, and an assortment of tools such as sharp pangas, headed face masks, housebreaking implements, and master keys.

The successful apprehension of the notorious gang leader, Magezi Ronald, demonstrates the unwavering commitment of law enforcement to eradicate violent criminals from our communities. Local residents can rest assured that every effort is being made to dismantle such dangerous criminal networks, reaffirming a safer future for all.


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