Operation Shujja Saves 19 Abductees from ADF in DR-Congo

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Uganda’s peacekeeping forces in the war-torn North Kivu Province of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have initiated an extensive tree-planting campaign in the Rutshuru territory to promote environmental conservation.

Colonel Michael Walaka Hyeroba, the Ugandan Troops Contingent Commander, inaugurated the campaign today by planting 3,000 trees.
Abductees with UPDF and FRDC

Col.Hyeroba noted that this campaign reflects both the Ugandan troops’ commitment to preserving the environment and their responsibility to safeguard the ecosystem.

He further explained that in addition to the tree planting initiative, Ugandan troops will engage in educating civilians about the significance of tree planting in their own lands and the importance of environmental protection. Col. Hyeroba speaking…

Maj.Bilal Katamba, the spokesperson for operation Shujja said UPDF and the armed forces of democratic republic of Congo-FADC have rescued more nineteen abductees from the allied democratic forces ADF.

According to Maj.Katamba the rescued are, eight children, nine women and two men who reported to the joint forces in Bwakadde in Ituri province before being airlifted to Muhoti Barracks for medication.

Meanwhile, an AK-47 gun and rounds of ammunition was recovered in Kavisao, north of River semuliki in Mwalika valley after an ADF fighter was put out of action by UPDF and FADC forces recently, Maj.Katamba said.

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