Police impounds over 1000 vehicles in dangerous mechanical condition

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Uganda Traffic Police (UTP) has impounded 1,127 vehicles in dangerous mechanical condition (DMC) since the start of this month in an effort to reduce road crashes.

The UTP spokesperson, Michael Kananura, said the number plates for the vehicles have been plucked off until the owners repair their cars and present proof of service.

“We have directed the drivers to take these vehicles to garages and ensure whatever we have identified as making them dangerous is rectified,” Kananura said. “They must bring them back to our IOV (Inspector of Vehicles) to check their conditions before the number plates are given back.”

Vehicles in dangerous mechanical condition have been blamed for the carnage on Ugandan roads. In February 2023, a truck in a dangerous mechanical condition rammed into a passenger taxi along the Kyenjojo-Kagadi road, causing the death of 17 people. Prominent businessman Apollo Nyegamahe was also killed in a road crash when his vehicle rammed into a stationary truck.

Fred Kiapi, a driver and road safety activist at Hope for Victims of Traffic Accidents (HOVITA), said it is good to conduct DMC operations, but the description of a dangerous vehicle should include even those that have illegal accessories like bull-bars.

“A vehicle being dangerous to road users should not only be one that does not have lights and braking system, but also all illegal accessories that have been installed such as bullbars and music systems that were not inside at the time of manufacture or purchase,” Kiapi said.


The 2022 traffic police statistics show the number of vehicles involved in crashes increased by over 40 per cent. Traffic data has also revealed that 87 people were killed in road crashes last week. Of these, 40 were bodaboda riders and their passengers.

“The bodaboda deaths included 29 riders and 11 passengers. We also recorded 25 pedestrian deaths last week. The causes of the crashes have remained speeding, drifting from one lane to another,” Kananura said.

Security has also revealed that they have launched an operation against speeding on Entebbe Expressway. Kananura said many drivers exceed the 100 prescribed speed which causes crashes on the road.

There have been several deadly crashes on Entebbe Expressway, forcing the public to outcry for police intervention. Away from the deaths and injuries recorded last week, police have revealed that 36 drivers were arrested for drunk driving.

The UTP is urging motorists to ensure their vehicles are in good mechanical condition and to obey the traffic rules to avoid road crashes.

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