Police Officer Arrested Over Mysterious Disappearance of AK-47 Gun in Dokolo

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Dokolo District | The Black Examiner – A startling incident has unfolded in Dokolo as a police officer from Rego-rego police post in Amwoma Sub County finds himself behind bars following the baffling disappearance of an AK-47 gun. The incident has raised concerns about the security protocol and management of firearms within the local police force.

The officer, whose identity remains shrouded in secrecy, allegedly left the formidable AK-47 gun unattended to attend to a personal matter approximately 500 meters away from his designated duty station last week. Upon his swift return, he was met with disbelief as the firearm had inexplicably vanished into thin air.

Dokolo’s Resident District Commissioner, Barbra Akech, has affirmed the loss of the high-powered weapon and disclosed that the implicated officer is currently under custody at the Dokolo Central Police Station. The ongoing investigation has led security personnel to focus their attention on one individual, Kweji Tony, who has become the prime suspect due to a history riddled with allegations of theft. This intensifies the urgency to bring Kweji Tony to justice.

Akech revealed that Kweji Tony has been persistently sending letters of apology, seeking forgiveness for his transgressions. However, security operatives have made it clear that their primary objective is for Kweji Tony to willingly surrender and place himself into police custody. The revelation has not only raised questions about the efficacy of disciplinary measures within the police force but also about Kweji Tony’s intent and his connection to the missing AK-47 gun.

Amidst this alarming development, Akech has implored local residents to take an active role in maintaining law and order by reporting any suspicious activities or individuals to the police. This call to action underscores the crucial partnership between law enforcement and the community, emphasizing the importance of cooperation in the pursuit of justice.


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