Police Officer Charged After Viral Video Shows Aggressive Confrontation with Elderly Woman

Fred Enanga | The Black Examiner
Fred Enanga, Uganda Police Force Spokesperson. PHOTO/COURTESY

Butaleja District | The Black Examiner – A shocking incident caught on camera has led to the charging of a police officer, igniting outrage and highlighting the need for accountability within the police force. AIP Odongo Raphael, a 40-year-old officer attached to Busolwe police station in Butaleja district, faces legal consequences after a video capturing his aggressive actions towards a 60-year-old woman went viral.

The incident, which unfolded on the afternoon of August 3rd, 2023, saw Aweny Teddy, a parent of Busolwe students, being forcefully pushed to the ground by Officer Odongo. The unsettling video footage exposed the officer’s actions, leading to swift condemnation from the community and beyond. The victim was left sprawled on the ground, prompting calls for immediate action.

The Territorial Police in Bukedi South and Butaleja district wasted no time in pursuing justice. Officer Odongo Raphael has been formally charged, with the Police Standing Orders and the Code of Conduct cited as breached. The incident not only tarnishes the reputation of the police force but also raises serious concerns about the behavior of those entrusted with public safety.


“As the UPF, we demand the highest level of professionalism from our officers in the execution of their duties,” stated a police spokesperson. “It is truly disheartening that a police officer, whose role is to protect citizens, displayed such aggression towards an elderly woman.”

Meanwhile, a separate legal matter has emerged from the incident. Aweny Teddy, the victim, now faces a charge of wilful obstruction of officers on lawful duty. Her attempt to prevent the arrest of her son, Okello Pius, a senior five student, resulted in an altercation with Officer Odongo. Teddy reportedly grabbed the officer’s collar before being forcefully pushed down.

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The incident serves as a reminder to the public that assaulting, attacking, or obstructing an officer on lawful duty carries serious consequences under the law. The legal proceedings surrounding both parties will further underscore the importance of adhering to proper protocols during such confrontations.

In a related development, the aftermath of this incident has shone a spotlight on a broader issue within the student community. The clash between Banyole and Jopadhola students on July 29th and 30th, 2023, led to the temporary closure of the school. Four students, identified as Odongo Samuel, Ochen Ronald, Opio Simon, and Okello Pius, were allegedly involved in inciting violence during these clashes.

Following their release on police bond, these students have been required to report back to school accompanied by their parents. The incident not only disrupted the educational environment but also underscores the importance of maintaining a peaceful and conducive atmosphere within educational institutions.


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