Police Shoot Suspect Dead in Failed Train Robbery

Police foil robbery on Uganda bound train. PHOTO/NTV KENYA

Lugari District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | In Lugari, Kakamega County, a suspect involved in a failed train robbery bound for Uganda was shot and killed by the police. The man, identified as Edward Sirengo, 31, was part of a four-member gang, with his accomplices managing to escape.

The Western Region Railway Police Commander, Evans Getembe, explained that there had been an increasing number of robberies targeting freight trains carrying rice, wheat, and other grains. In response, officers had adopted new strategies to combat the rising railway robberies.

At around 3:30 am, at the Mapengo area, the suspects attempted to break the seals of a moving train. The police on duty ordered them to surrender, but they refused, leading to the use of force.

“They shot at the robbers, fatally wounding one who fell 200 meters away, while four others escaped,” explained Mr. Getembe, emphasizing the importance of securing the trains and their cargo.

Some Mapengo area residents condemned the incident, urging young people to find legitimate ways of making a living instead of resorting to theft. Cases of robbery along the railway line have been a recurring issue, with calls for increased security measures.

Mr. Musa Sirengo, a resident, cited vandalism of the railway line and theft from moving trains despite warnings from the railway authority. He recounted an incident where villagers thwarted an attempt to uproot the railway line.

Police are currently pursuing leads, and items like a mobile phone, pliers, and sacks were recovered from the deceased robber.

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Mimi Nina Lakhani
Mimi Nina Lakhani
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