Ronald Kabuku Declared New FDC Chairman Elect in Kasese District

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Kasese District | The Black Examiner – Mr. Ronald Kabuku has been elected as the new chairman of the Kasese district Forum for Democratic Change, succeeding Mr. Saulo Matte.

Mr. Saulo, who had held the position for a decade, was unable to vie for re-election due to their party’s constitutional limitations, which restrict office bearers to two terms in the same role.

During the announcement, Mr. Ronald Bwambale, the Chairman of the Kasese district FDC electoral commission, declared Mr. Kabuku as the chairman-elect after securing 350 votes. His opponents, Mr. Saudi Kisuki and Mr. Gad Mbayahi Bakwanamaha, received 62 and 49 votes respectively, placing them second and third.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Kabuku emphasized the need for reconciliation and forgiveness within the FDC, particularly in light of any incidents that might have occurred during the voting process. He urged party members to address any issues that could impede the progress of the once-prominent opposition party in the Ugandan parliament.

Ms. Rita Biira was elected as Mr. Kabuku’s deputy without opposition, while Mr. Alfred Ikwera assumed the role of General Secretary. Distinguished party figures, including Hon. Harold Tonny Muhindo, the MP for Bukonzo County East, Hon. William Nzoghu, the former MP for Busongora County North, and Hon. Robert Centenary, the former legislator for Kasese Municipality, were present to witness the FDC district executive elections.


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