Singer Alien Skin Threatens to Return ‘Champion Gudo’ to Streets Amid Education Dispute

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The trending singer, Alien Skin, has issued a stern warning about potentially returning his youngest bodyguard, Champion Gudo, to the streets of Kawempe. This decision comes after intense pressure from fans and Champion Gudo’s father to enroll the child in Kampala Parents School, where he was offered a scholarship.

Champion Gudo, despite being just 9 years old, has been thrust into the spotlight, frequently accompanying Alien Skin to late-night concerts, bars, and clubs. Concerns were raised about his education, including by the State Minister of Gender and Culture, Honorable Peace Mutuuzo.

Minister Mutuuzo urged Alien Skin to prioritize Champion Gudo’s education and discontinue taking him to bars late at night. This led to Kampala Parents School offering Champion Gudo a scholarship, but Alien Skin insisted that the school’s representatives come to his home to discuss the sponsorship.

This demand was seen as disrespectful, prompting Champion Gudo’s father to step in to facilitate the child’s return to school. Alien Skin, feeling slighted, expressed his frustration and even threatened to return Champion Gudo to the streets of Kawempe.

He stated, “I don’t appreciate being disrespected and made to feel like I haven’t contributed to Champion Gudo’s well-being. I am considering sending him back to the streets of Kawempe, and his parents can take over from there.”

This situation has brought to light the challenges and tensions surrounding Champion Gudo’s upbringing and education.


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