Tourism Minister Rallies Ugandans to Embrace Agro-Tourism

Tuesday, October 3, 2023
The State minister for Tourism Hon Martin Mugarra Bahinduka. PHOTO/FILE
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Hoima District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The State Minister for Tourism, Honorable Martin Mugarra Bahinduka, has encouraged Ugandans to enthusiastically embrace agro-tourism activities as a means to enhance their farming productivity and knowledge.

Honorable Mugarra shared these sentiments while leading a group of domestic tourists on an exploration campaign to the Bwendero Dairy Farm and Orchards in Kitoba Subcounty, Hoima District, last Friday.

He emphasized that agro-tourism has evolved into an independent facet of the tourism industry, offering valuable learning opportunities during exploration campaigns. These campaigns have the potential to introduce tourists to novel ideas that can be applied to innovative projects in their own communities.

Furthermore, Honorable Mugarra disclosed that the purpose of these exploration campaigns is to showcase and promote Uganda’s natural beauty, with the aim of attracting more tourists to the country.

Regarding the Bunyoro region, the Minister expressed his admiration for the area’s rich tourism potential. He urged every Ugandan to take an interest in exploring and discovering the diverse layers of tourism attractions that Bunyoro has to offer.

John Magara, the Managing Director at Bwendero Dairy Farm and Orchards, praised the Ministry of Tourism for organizing these exploration campaigns. He challenged fellow Ugandans to proactively engage in exploring different regions for the purpose of gaining knowledge and skills. He pointed out that some people only travel when there are ceremonies in various locations, missing out on the educational and enriching experiences that other parts of Uganda have to offer.

Let’s heed Honorable Mugarra’s call to embrace agro-tourism and explore the wealth of knowledge and beauty that Uganda has in store for us.


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