Travelers pressed for early arrival at Entebbe Airport

Saturday, December 23, 2023
Photo: Airbus
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  • Uganda Civil Aviation Authority spokesperson urges air travelers to arrive three hours early during the festive season due to increased holiday traffic at Entebbe International Airport.

Vianney M. Luggya, the spokesperson for the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, has issued an appeal to air travelers, urging them to arrive at least three hours before their scheduled flight.

Luggya emphasized this cautionary measure due to the surge in the number of travelers nationwide, all journeying to various destinations for the festive season.

“As we approach the Christmas celebration, the Entebbe International Airport experiences a higher-than-usual influx of passengers. Anticipating increased traffic leading up to the airport, I take this opportunity to advise departing travelers to allocate a minimum of three hours before their departure time to avoid any inconveniences,” Luggya told Examiner .

Currently, heavy traffic congestion has been observed within Kampala and its surrounding areas, causing delays for passengers traveling to the airport. Mukulu Sedu, a driver, reported spending three hours last week just to cover the distance from Mukono to Kampala town.

Additionally, users were reminded of the option to use mobile money for parking fees as they exit the parking facility.

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