UPC and NRM Set to Compete for Lira City Woman MP Seat in 2026

Monday, July 31, 2023

LIRA, UGANDA | THE BLACK EXAMINER – In the upcoming 2026 elections, it is anticipated that the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) will compete for the Lira city woman MP seat. Rumors have surfaced that Betty Amongi Akena, the MP for Oyam South and Minister of Gender, is considering contesting against the incumbent, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ochero, who holds the position of Minister of Health.

Sources within Lira city have revealed that there is growing interest in supporting either Betty Amongi or Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng in their bids for the seat. Betty Amongi, in particular, has been active in the region, recently donating work tools to 200 tailoring-engaged girls and meeting with various groups and individuals, seemingly indicating her interest in the Lira city woman MP seat. In these meetings, she has made pledges, including offering loans to businesspersons with low-interest rates.

Although Betty Amongi has not officially confirmed her candidacy for the 2026 elections, speculations suggest that she enjoys substantial support from both UPC and NRM. Ken Allan Owani, a former councilor from Lira municipal council and reportedly close to Amongi, believes that those who won the last election should be allowed to serve until 2026. However, he also asserts that potential candidates are free to consult with the electorate.

Amongi is known for her strong ties with the ruling NRM party, making her a promising candidate for the Lira city woman MP position, according to Owani. On the other hand, Daniel Omara Atubo, a former Minister of Lands, is investigating Amongi and Aceng’s possible candidacy for the Lira city woman MP seat. He recently asked Amongi not to contest for the position, suggesting that she runs again in Oyam South, while Aceng retains her seat in Lira city, considering both their good working relationships and chances of being reappointed as ministers by President Yoweri Museveni.

Chris Ongom, the UPC Lango regional coordinator, confirms that their former candidate, Joy Atim Ongom, is planning to run for the Kole district woman MP seat, which clears the path for Amongi’s potential candidacy in Lira city.

However, Jacob Ocen, the NRM spokesperson for Lira district, stated that neither Amongi nor Aceng has publicly expressed their interest in the 2026 elections.

When approached for comments, Minister Amongi declined to respond to questions about her potential candidacy for the Lira city woman MP seat in the 2026 elections, as reported by The Black Examiner.

Efforts to reach Minister of Health and Lira city woman MP, Dr. Aceng Ochero, for comment on the matter were unsuccessful by the time of the press.

While rumors about candidates expressing interest in the Lira city woman MP seat circulate, the office of Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng remains focused on its duties, as confirmed by Bonny Otucu, who is in charge of programs in the office of Lira city woman MP.

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