APC Adamawa Chapter’s Winning Move: Legal Expert Idris Shuaibu Appointed Substantive Chairman, Vows to Unite Divided Ranks

Friday, July 28, 2023

In my opinion, the appointment of Idris Shuaibu as the substantive chairman of the Adamawa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) seems to be a step in the right direction for the party in the state. After months of operating with an acting chairman, it was essential to have a permanent leader in place to provide stability and direction to the party’s activities.

One positive aspect of this appointment is that Idris Shuaibu is a legal practitioner and has previously served as the party’s state legal adviser. This background may bring valuable expertise and insight to the leadership position, especially when it comes to navigating legal challenges and ensuring that the party operates within the bounds of the law.

The rationale behind Shuaibu’s nomination by the executive committee of the party in the Adamawa Northern Zone also appears to be a sound one. Since the immediate past chairman, Ibrahim Bilal, came from the zone, it makes sense to have someone from the same zone succeed him. This approach demonstrates a fair and inclusive decision-making process within the party, which could help in fostering unity and cooperation among party members.

One of the main tasks that Shuaibu has highlighted in his acceptance speech is the reconciliation of aggrieved APC members. This is a critical priority for any political party, as internal divisions and conflicts can significantly weaken its effectiveness and electoral prospects. By prioritizing reconciliation, Shuaibu is acknowledging the importance of unity within the party and showing a commitment to address any issues that may be causing discord among its members.

Overall, the appointment of Idris Shuaibu as the substantive chairman of the Adamawa State APC appears to be a positive development that could bring stability, legal expertise, and an emphasis on reconciliation to the party. However, it’s essential for Shuaibu to demonstrate strong leadership, inclusivity, and fairness in his new role to ensure the continued growth and success of the APC in the state. Time will tell how effective his leadership will be in achieving these goals and consolidating the party’s position in Adamawa State.

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