Ex-Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales in Court Over Jenni Hermoso kiss

Friday, September 15, 2023

Ex- Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales arrived in court on Friday to give his testimony to a judge in the sexual assault case following his kiss of player Jenni Hermoso.

The unsolicited kiss, broadcast live on August 20 after Spain’s victory over England at the Women’s World Cup final in Australia, has triggered protests over sexism in Spanish sport and wider society.

Ms Hermoso laid a complaint of sexual assault and Judge Francisco de Jorge issued an order for Mr Rubiales to answer his questions at Spain’s National Court in Madrid.

Mr Rubiales did not speak before entering the courthouse with his lawyer.

He kissed the Spanish forward on the lips during the awards ceremony in Sydney. He said Ms Hermoso had consented to the kiss, but she has denied that repeatedly.

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