Football Fan Killed in Road Crash After Nile Regional League Derby

Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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  • A Paidha Black Angels Soccer Club fan, Stephen Abiro, in his 20s, died in a road crash on December 10, 2023, while returning from the highly anticipated Nile Regional League derby between Paidha Black Angels SC and Nebbi Central FC, prompting the club to emphasize the importance of road safety for football enthusiasts.

A Paidha Black Angels Soccer Club fan died in a road crash on the way to Paidha from watching the much anticipated Nile Regional League derby between Paidha Black Angels SC and fifth place Nebbi Central FC.

Stephen Abiro, in his 20s died when a motorcyclist knocked him at Jukia Cell in Nebbi town council along the Nebbi-Arua Highway on December 10, 2023 at around 8pm.

Paidha Black Angel Soccer Club in Nebbi district is mourning one of their die-hard soccer fans who passed away in a road crash at Jukia Cell, Nebbi Town Council, along the Nebbi-Arua Highway on December 10, 2023, at around 8pm.

“It’s with deep sorrow and regret that we announce the tragic demise of a prominent soccer fan who lost his life after getting involved in an accident on his way back home from the highly anticipated match between Nebbi Central and PBS that took place at Luo Grounds- Nebbi,” reads part of the condolence message shared in the Club’s official WhatsApp platform.

The Paidha Black Angels Soccer Club Public Relations Officer, Peace Jalar Tasha Mayambala, told our stringer that the deceased met his demise after alighting from a motorcycle waiting his colleague who had gone to refuel the motorcycle when a speeding motorcycle knocked him before a Good Samaritan took and laid him by the roadside.

He said Abiro was quickly conveyed to Goli Health Centre 4 where he was pronounced dead due to injuries he sustained when the motorcycle ran over him

“We call on all football enthusiasts to prioritise safety and responsible conduct while riding or driving before and after matches. Let’s stay vigilant and advocate for road safety to prevent further tragic incidents,” Jalar urged.

Past incident

On January 27, 2022, two supporters of the Arua City-based Mvara FC also perished in a road crash at Alwi Pateng approximately 15km from Pakwach town.

The incident involved a mini bus carrying football players and officials of Mvara FC when part of the bus floor near the door broke, sending the duo under the bus that ran over them after its brakes failed leading to death.

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