Election postponement attempts have angered the opposition

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

President Felix Tshisekedi’s “effort” to delay the 20th of December general elections due to ongoing insecurity in the east has angered the opposition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

French channel RFI cites Cherubin Okende, an official spokesman for opposition lawmaker Moise Katumbi.

Mr. Okende reminded Mr. Tshisekedi of the commitment he made to locate the army’s headquarters in the east early in his administration in an effort to deal with armed groups successfully.

Presidents are chosen for five-year terms, according to article 70 of the constitution, according to opposition leader Martin Fayulu.

The two opposition politicians were reacting to Mr. Tshisekedi’s remarks to French President Emmanuel Macron that the conflict in the east may delay the elections.

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