Kenya’s Ruto lifts six-year logging ban

Monday, July 3, 2023

Kenya’s President William Ruto has announced the lifting of a logging ban that was implemented six years ago. In a speech delivered on Sunday in Molo, located in the Rift Valley region, Mr. Ruto justified the decision, describing the previous moratorium on logging as “foolish” when considering the deteriorating state of the forests.

President Ruto also highlighted the need to generate employment opportunities and stimulate sectors of the economy that rely on forest products. The ban, originally imposed in 2018 due to concerns over the environmental impact and contribution to climate change, has adversely affected communities whose livelihoods depend on logging.

To address the situation, the government has introduced taxes on imported timber and furniture in the recent budget, with the aim of promoting local production and ensuring that these goods are manufactured by Kenyan citizens. President Ruto emphasized the importance of empowering the Kenyan people and boosting domestic industries.

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