South Africa: Vice President Bodyguard Caught on Camera Assaulting Motorists due to Road Obstruction

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

In response to a distressing incident captured on video, the Deputy President of South Africa, Paul Mashatile, has strongly condemned the actions of his police protection staff. The footage, which surfaced recently, depicts armed officers assaulting individuals on a highway in Johannesburg.

The disturbing video shows the officers forcefully pulling a man out of his vehicle and subsequently subjecting him to repeated blows, including stamping on his head until he appeared to lose consciousness.

This appalling display of violence has sparked widespread outrage and has once again brought the issue of police brutality to the forefront in South Africa.

Expressing his unequivocal disapproval, the Deputy President asserted that he “abhorred” any unjustified use of force against unarmed civilians. He made it clear that a comprehensive investigation into the incident would be conducted to ensure accountability and justice.

It is important to note that there is no indication that Mr. Mashatile was present at the scene during the incident.

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